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Besides working on an award winning campaign that generated over $1 million in revenue, we have also promoted some of their services in campaigns, such as Coolsculpting, Hormone Therapy, Botox, Skinny Shots, and Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, winning them many new leads, allowing for the growth we are known for.

We leveraged the results they can accomplish with their treatments so that they can ensure their patients a new look with a much more defined face or body that will leave them feeling like they’re worth a million!

What We Did

Web Design and Development
Digital Ad Campaign Development
Social Media Management
Video Production
Data Analytics & Measurement
Lead Generation
Reputation Management

Website Build

Providing their patients a view of how they work and the results you can acquire during your visit, we have featured a background video showcasing their practice and the many services they have available for their patients, giving the website a visual appeal and an eye-catching promotion.

Easier Patient Experience

Making sure the patient experience went smoothly was a top priority of ours. We added online patient forms to the website so they could be filled out prior to their appointment, this made the scheduling process a lot easier and more effective, giving the patients more convenience. This lead to less time spent in the waiting room filling out paperwork, resulting in better patient flow for Fusion and improved patients’ perception of their experience.

“Our biggest challenge before working with Innovate Fast was exposure. We’re were referred to Innovate Fast by a friend who is also a client and they had experienced a lot of success. We love the personalized service and the team approach. Their team will come out, meet you, determine your needs, and they act very quickly.”

Trey P., Fusion Medical Aesthetics

Lets do something big together.
Lets do something big together.


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