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Along with their most well-known service, IV Therapy, we also ran campaigns for B12 Injections, Botox, Skinny Shots, Juvederm, and Cryotherapy.

For most of our advertisements, we leveraged video to showcase the HydroPros experience and built credibility by having their medical staff educate potential customers on the benefits of various HydroPros services.

What We Did

Digital Ad Campaign Development
Website Design and Development
Social Media Management
Video Production
Data Analytics and Measurement
Lead Generation

Website Build

As business rapidly grew and franchises began opening up across the state, HydroPros found that their old site was not equipped to handle information for multiple locations with varying prices and services. They asked us to build a new site that was easy to navigate and had a cleaner style.

We made it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for, whether it’s pricing, membership, or service info, all at their nearest HydroPros location.

More Transparency & Better User Experience

We know that being stuck with a needle is intimidating enough, but we also noticed potential customers skepticism about what exactly they would be putting into their bodies. To counter “ingredient fear,” we implemented a “What’s In It?” section under each IV to ensure complete transparency.

We also included toggle sections for “more details.” This allows the IV contents to be the forefront, allows customers to only read more about what they are interested in without leading to a whole new page, and saves space on mobile devices (Because the last thing you want to do is annoy your potential customers with endless scrolling.)

“Since we started working with Innovate Fast, our sales have gone up tremendously. They really helped us with getting more people in the door and getting our name out in different, more creative ways.”

Clint C., HydroPros

Lets do something big together.
Lets do something big together.


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