TLC Schools

Encouraging A Life-Long Love For Learning.

TLC Schools provides Preschool and Childcare services. Once we got involved with their marketing, they were able to grow their online presence as well as their school. We ran offers for Preschool Childcare Enrollment and Summer Camp Enrollment, reaching many parents in need of somewhere more enriching and somewhere that’s more than just a “drop off daycare.”





Increase in
Web Visitors


in Bounce Rate

What We Did

Web Design and Development
Digital Ad Campaign Development
Social Media Management
Video Production
Data Analytics & Measurement
Lead Generation
Reputation Management

Web Design & Build

TLC Schools needed a bright, welcoming website to represent their school and provide parents with information on their curriculum, classrooms, and accredited team.




TLC’s logo needed to be brought up to date, but still holding onto their overall philosophy and child-like colorfulness, without looking cut-rate. We used elements like the triangle, square and circle symbols which were used by the first preschool in Germany. These symbols are also commonly used as a cognitive tools for infants and young children, showing that they can learn through play, a big part of everything TLC Schools stands for.

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